SIKORSKY S-39, NC-50V (s/n 912), represents one of the 21 aircraft of this type built by Igor Sikorsky in 1930-1931. 50V is the only airworthy example of the type and is the oldest flying Sikorsky in the world today. It was painstakingly restored by Dick Jackson of Rochester, NH. The project began in the 1960s, with the hull of NC-50V being discovered in the Alaskan bush. 40,000 hours and nearly four decades later, the S-39 flew again.

The Spirit of Igor was named for the Spirit of Africa, an S-39 owned by African naturalists Martin and Osa Johnson, and for Igor Sikorsky himself. The giraffe spotting on the fuselage is authentic to a specific species. It was projected onto the hull in order for the painting to be completed. See History for more detail about the restoration.

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The “Spirit of Igor” has completed participating in the National Air Tour. The main web site is

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