40 Years and 40,000 Hours - Part 5

The cowlings were duplicated from originals, with modifications to accommodate the “C” model nacelle with its larger oil tank. The nose bowl was duplicated from original. All cowlings and float fairings are retained with pins and wires as original.

A Hamilton Standard ground-adjustable propeller, correct for this engine/aircraft, is installed.

Sikorsky S-39B aircraft were equipped with 985-A engines of 300HP. Our engine is a Pratt & Whitney 985-AN1, rated as required by the “C” model specs, at 400HP at 2200 RPM and 34” manifold pressure. The AN1 is the military designation for the “B” series’ 985.

The navigation lights are Pioneer Instrument manufacture. We did not recover a complete set; molds were made and new lenses cast to match where needed.

The light at rudder-top is a riding (anchor) light. We made this lens as well. We added wingtip strobes as a safety precaution, in such as way as to be hardly noticeable.

The landing lights are made by Pyle and were used on a number of S-39s. We duplicated the installation of 58V.

The electrical system has been upgraded from the original with the addition of an alternator. Originally, S-39’s were equipped with air starters but records show these were rapidly replaced with electric starters, which we have installed.

The electronics are recessed into the lower panel and covered when the aircraft is on display, so the panel remains original in appearance.

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