40 Years and 40,000 Hours - Part 6

This restoration was completed over a period of forty years by a team of volunteer and near-volunteer labor. The largest contributor to the effort was the owner, Dick Jackson, who recovered the aircraft involved; investigated and engineered all manufactured parts and materials; provided workshop, equipment and tools; bent, welded, sanded, doped, sealed, installed, re-designed, and cleaned up.

Family, friends and associates are honored to be counted among those who helped: John LaChance, Frank Stephens, Hank Jackson, Barry Jameson, Bill Thaden, Phil Sawyer, Dwight Horne, and Arthur Shute have provided the “core” hands-on effort since 1995, supported by an extensive cast of experts and enthusiasts - most notable among them, Patsy Jackson - without whose support Dick would never have made it!

In early days of the project Dick is especially indebted to Lockhart (Smitty) Smith, Chickie Mattocks, and to friends who are no longer with us, including Steve Rhoades, Phil Redden, Lyman Rice, Norman Wallace, Stillman Worcester and Bill Beck.

NC-50V flew for the first time in almost 60 years on June 8, 2003. The aircraft has been restored to honor and represent the best of her type. It is our hope that we, and the owners/caretakers of future generations, will be able to fly her many places and share her with many people to promote appreciation of our aviation heritage and the joy of flying.

                                                       - Dick Jackson

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